Large Animal Livestock Skills Training

About the Animal Handling Training 2017

The one week residential school is offered by 4 Up Skilling Pty Ltd (TOID 32141) and is held at the University of Melbourne Dookie Campus.

Dookie Campus is located off the Midland Highway halfway between the cities of Shepparton and Benalla in central Victoria, and about 200km north of Melbourne. For more information about Dookie Campus, please see:

The residential school  will provide students with exposure to 5 specific training activities held during the week, with students split into groups of 12 -15 for each activity and with each activity involving one days training. The training conducted involves livestock handling skills for Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Horses with Occupational Health and Safety on farm incorporated into each training activity.  Each activity involves one days training and has a strong practical skill focus around:

  • Common breeds of livestock
  • Correct livestock handling techniques
  • Moving and mustering livestock
  • Correct catching techniques
  • Restraining techniques
  • Safe work practices handling large animals

For a breakdown of each day, see the below.

Training Dates

Group 1 - Monday 13 February – Friday 17 February 2017

Group 2 - Monday 3 July  – Friday 7 July 2017

Please Note: There is a maximum of 65 students per group. Once 65 students are registered in one group, the remaining students will be automatically enrolled in the other group. Students only need to participate in one Workshop.

Registration and payments

When registering, you need to make two payments: One for the course fees, to 4 Up Skilling direct, and the other to the University of Melbourne, for accommodation and catering.

Please register for the course and pay the course fees here:

Use access code: 2017. Registrations will close for both workshops at 5pm on Tuesday 31st January 2017.

Once you have registered for a course, you also need to register and pay for accommodation here:

If you plan on staying off-campus, please contact Jacinta Way to make a catering-only booking.

Course fees

Cost of the training (excluding accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner) is $275 per eligible student (eligible is an Australian resident who does not hold a qualification at Certificate II level or above) or $525.80 for all other participants.

Course fees are inclusive of all morning teas, course materials, amenities, tuition and bus travel.  Students will make payment for the training to 4 Up Skilling direct via the online registration process.

* please note a 4.95% online credit card service fee is payable at registration. For more information regarding your eligibility status, please contact 4 Up Skilling on 03 5795 3276 or email .

Accommodation and accommodation fees

Accommodation and meals which includes 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners, and 4 nights single room with shared bathroom accommodation is $420. Accommodation costs should be paid directly to the University of Melbourne. Please note that breakfast is not provided on Monday morning, you should have breakfast before you arrive at Dookie.

Students will need to bring their own sleeping bag or sheets for a single bed and bath towel (pillow, pillow slip and bathmat supplied). It is recommended to bring a small fan for the February residential school. There is an unsupervised swimming pool on campus for your use. For more detailed information about staying at Dookie, please read:


Students are also responsible for arranging and paying for their own transportation to Dookie. Students can either drive or take public transport:

Driving: Dookie is a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from the Parkville campus. Do not rely on a GPS unit to give you directions.The GPS unit often will land you about 10kms away not knowing where you are! See the map for further directions.

Public Transport: If you prefer to take public transport, you can catch a V-Line train from Southern Cross station to Euroa station and be picked up:

Catch the V-Line train on Monday morning that leaves Southern Cross station at 7:05am and arrives in Euroa at 9.00am. You must book your own ticket for the train. This is the only service for which we provide a pick up. If you require a pick up, please be sure to email Sam Lister to arrange: If you miss the train, or choose to take another one, the taxi fare from Benalla station to the campus will be around $80.

On Friday afternoon we will take you to Benalla station to catch a 6:39pm service back to Melbourne (from Benalla station, arrives at Southern Cross station at 9:45pm).

Please double check the times/service in case there are any changes before you leave at

Key times

Key times

Day 1 commences on Monday at 9:30am (this includes site induction and enrolment). Students who are arranging their own transport should ensure they arrive to be ready to start at 9:30am. Due to the late start students should be aware that the finish time will also be later on day one.

Each subsequent training day will commence at 8.30am and finish at 4.30pm (with the exception of the Beef Cattle & Dairy session which will leave Dookie at 7.30am).

Dress Code

Dress sensibly throughout the training - wear clothing suitable to working on a farm. Please ensure that you bring:

  • enclosed shoes
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • raincoat

Training schedule

Students will be assigned to a training group of 12-15 students. Each group will rotate through each training activity described below.

Day 1: Beef Cattle - Livestock handling workshop

This practical hands-on one day workshop will cover:

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)
  • Safe handling facilities
  • Breeds
  • Basic animal instinct and flight zones
  • How to apply appropriate pressure and release to move stock
  • How to avoid placing animals under stress and Animal restraint
  • Stock movement in paddock
  • Fat and condition scoring, age assessment
  • Animal identification

Day 2: Sheep - Livestock handling workshop

This practical hands-on one day workshop will cover:

  • OH&S
  • Safe handling facilities
  • Main breeds of sheep and their use
  • Basic animal instinct and flight zones
  • How to apply appropriate pressure and release to move stock
  • How to avoid placing animals under stress
  • Animal restraint
  • Stock movement in paddock
  • Fat and condition scoring, age assessment
  • Animal identification
  • Shearing crutching

Day 3: Horses – Care for and handle horses workshop

This practical hands-on one day workshop will cover:

  • Working safely with horses
  • Complete stable routines efficiently
  • Select horses for a range of purposes
  • Horse identification
  • Complete daily horse maintenance
  • Catch and tie up horses
  • Groom or rug horses
  • Clean and maintain equipment
  • Dentition
  • Feed requirements

Day 4: Pigs - Care for and handle pigs workshop

New welfare legislation in Victoria (the Livestock Management Act, LMA) requires that "pigs must be cared for by personnel who are skilled in pig husbandry and are suitably qualified to maintain the health and welfare of animals in accordance with the standards in the Act, or are under the direct supervision of such personnel." This practical hands-on one day training activity will seek to address some of these requirements and the workshop will cover such issues as:

  • OH&S
  • Basic animal instinct
  • Weighing
  • Flight zones
  • How to avoid placing animals under stress
  • How to apply appropriate pressure and release to move stock
  • Pig rations and maintenance requirements

Day 5 - Dairy Cattle – livestock handling

This practical hands-on workshop will cover:

  • OH&S
  • Main dairy breeds
  • Basic animal instinct
  • How to avoid placing animals under stress
  • How to apply appropriate pressure and release to move stock


Training undertaken by eligible students is accredited and is linked to the following units of competency from AHC20110 Certificate II in Agriculture:

Unit Code Unit name
AHCOHS201A Participate in OH&S Processes
AHCLSK205A Handle livestock using basic techniques
AHCWOL201A Move and handle pigs
AHCLSK210A Muster and move livestock
AHCHBR203A Provide daily care for horses
AHCWOL201A Pen sheep

Eligible students who wish to access subsidised training (and therefore reduced course fees) must complete enrolment and eligibility paperwork and provide a USI number prior to the workshop to access this accredited training and subsidy. On completion of the Workshop, they will receive a Statement of Attainment.

Please note participants who are not eligible for government subsidised training, or who choose not to complete the eligibility paperwork will be required to pay full fees. They will still complete all training activities associated with the one week residential workshop. They will be provided with a Certificate of Participation, stating they have attended the Large Animal Handling Workshop.

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth government funding to eligible individuals.

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