Differences in Major and Minor Research Projects

When deciding on a research project, you should consider whether you want to enrol in a Minor or Major Research Project (25 or 50 points), and whether you want to complete your research in one semester, or over two semesters.

Topic Minor Research Project Major Research Project
Credit Points 25 50

The minimum research project credit point requirement is 25 credit points in the Masters of Agricultural Science, Animal Science, Food Science. A Minor Project is an elective in both the Masters of Agribusiness and Wine Technology and Viticulture.

You CANNOT enroll in BOTH a Minor and Major Project as part of your program
Duration Generally one semester in length (AGRI90070) unless approval is obtained for a project done over consecutive semesters (AGRI90079 and AGRI90081) Generally year long commencing in Semester 1 (AGRI90080 and then AGRI90082 in Semester 2) unless approval is given for a semester-long project (AGRI90072).

Proposal (Due end week 4) 1,500 words 30%

Report (Due start of exam period) 5,000 - 10,000 words depending upon topic 50%

Oral Presentation 15 mins + 5 mins for questions 20%

Proposal (Due end Week 5) 1,500 words 10%

Report (Due start of exam period) 10,000 - 20,000  words depending upon topic 75%

Oral Presentation 15 mins + 5 mins for questions 15%
Pre-requisites Undertaking a major or minor research project is conditional upon obtaining approval from a supervisor with consideration to appropriate subjects undertaken in your Masters.
Pre-requisite N/A NRMT90003 Social Research Methods or MAST90008 Research Philosophies or Statistics must be studied either before or at the same time as the major research project.
Recommended N/A In order to complete the major project to a high level, a GPA of 75+ is recommended in preceding coursework subjects.
Topic Approval The Project Approval form requires the signature of a supervisor. Stop 1 services centre, upon receiving a copy of the approval form will allow enrolment into the relevant research project subject. You are
also required to scan and upload the form to the LMS once enrolled.